Landscape Design 

Please see the Reflections Camp tab for more examples of landscape design.

The decks I built at Reflections Camp were wonderful but I had always wanted the time and the place to build something more professional and with better materials.

Kubilay was one of my first guests at Reflections and after reconnecting in Istanbul he mentioned that he wanted to have a deck built in his backyard in busy Beşiktaş. So I offered to build it for him.

I set about designing the garden and deck and we picked out some beautiful Iroko hardwood and after a few weeks we transformed his backyard into something so nice you could hardly believe you were in Beşiktaş.

Sultan’s garden

My girlfriend at the time, Sultan owned a home in Yıldız in the Beşiktaş area of Istanbul. As with Kubilay’s project we had an empty space to design something from scratch. So again I searched the far corners of my brain for something that would yield a little more privacy and something truely unique.

What we ended up with were graceful curves, plants appropriate for the lack of sunlight in the garden and even a small water fountain that could be turned on and off from inside the house.